Master Bedroom Process, Wallpaper, floor, room divider

2:03 PM

Wood floor progress. So to start my master bedroom I decided to try the skinny sticks flor method. I cut a sheet of paper that was to size and tried laying them out. I wanted a bit of a rough feel on this floor, so I didn’t try too hard to make them perfect.

I used the flowchart home decor wood tint to color the wood more grey.    

The stain looks awesome for a neutral tone in the room!
The next thing I wanted to create was a room divider. I cut out a template and painted it a neutral purple.
Then I trimmed it down until it fit. (oh yeah, I added molding back in!)

I added two layers of foam core behind the original template so it would have more thickness.
Then I added wooden shelves that would hold things, and started sanding and papering the sides and creating the cabinets. Stay tuned for more progress on my master bedroom!

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