Painting Time

12:49 PM

So first thing to start with is painting. The blue is just way too bright for me, and felt a bit dated (though my own house is a similar shade of blue with brick and I love that.) So I started by going to Home Depot and getting a sample can of paint. The cans run about 3 dollars for a sample and are nice thick paint. This first picture shows me applying just a bit of paint, and the Home Depot Behr paint was able to cover up the blue in the first coat. Which was amazing, no priming or anything needed at all. Unfortunately the first color I got was too light so I had to go back and get sample second can that was a shade darker.

Here’s my first section painted. It felt good to make progress. 

Then I started on the front. In retrospect I should have covered the windows and shutters with painters tape right away. but I didn’t. I was planning on painting the windows and shutters anyway because they had yellowed, but I ended using acrylic for that and it took several coats.

I did eventually start using painters tape!

Here is most of it painted. I plan on doing the bricks at the bottom using the egg carton technique I found on Otterine’s Miniatures site, but currently I don’t have an empty one. So I eagerly started on the inside.

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